Swedish Massage


 Swedish Massage – Light to medium pressure with long flowing strokes. Swedish Massage is known to relax the muscles  

Lomi-Lomi Massage


Lomi Lomi Massage – Hawaiian Oil Massage. Similar to Swedish Massage except that forearms and elbows are also used and pressure is deeper   

Shiatsu Massage


Shiatsu – Japanese style massage where we apply pressure on certain points on the body to relieve stress and stiffness   

Ashiatsu Massage


Ashiatsu – Japanese style massage where we apply pressure on certain points on the body to relieve stress and stiffness ... Our therapists use their feet to apply pressure 

Reflexology Massage


Reflexology – Applying pressure to reflex points on the feet that connects to specific organs of the body  

Aromatherapy Massage


Aromatherapy Massage – Oil massage that uses essential oils to stimulates the body according to specific purpose of the oils chosen  

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Hot Stone/Hot Lava Rock Massage


Hot Stone/Hot Lava Rock Massage – Gliding hot stones on the skin with the use of oil. The heat penetrates into muscles to relax body Most relaxing of all  

Tropical Freeze Massage


Tropical Freeze Massage – Massage that uses hot and cold essential oils. Oils of choice. Application of cold and warm packs which improve circulation and relives tension  

Combination Massage


Combination Massage – We can do a combination of pressure and oil massage you can mix and match. Just let the therapist know what you are looking for, they are here to help you heal  




Facials & Spa Treatments



 Facials – Deep cleansing treatment that help eliminate impurities. Cleanses skin. Also includes variety of grooming steps such as use of steams, masks, peels, exfoliation, etc. Used on both male and female  

Facial Massage


 Facial Massage – Muscles of the face are given special attention to help ease tension, relieve sinus pressure and provide deep relaxation. Also we will give attention to the muscles of the neck, de’collete and scalp  

Dry Brushing


 Dry Brushing – dry brushing exfoliates and reduces cellulite, and gets rid of dead, dry, skin. After just one session, your skin will improve in it’s appearance, with added new glow      

Seaweed Body Wraps


Seaweed Body Wrap – with this rejuvenating treatment we dry brush the top layer of your skin following by application of seaweed. After the removal of the wrap we treat your skin with an application of hydrating body lotion infused with a choice of essential oils, which will leave you skin fresh, and smooth      

Body Treatments


 Hydrating Masking Treatment – our masking treatment can be used on any part of your body, or as a wrap. After this treatment, you will be amazed how silky and soft your skin will turn out to be it’s a miracle   

Hand/Foot Scrubs


Hand/Foot Scrubs – exfoliation with the gloves and added scrub will remove top layer of the ruff and cracked skin. Application of a deep skin softening cream will be applied to seal moisturizer and soften your hands and feet   

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Foot Treatment


Foot Treatment  - washing your feet with the warm water and pedi- soak, using the pumice to soften your feet. Foot mask is applied. Following step is the removal of the mask with the warm stream of water. Application of the rich foot moisturizers infused with essential oils and foot massage

Back Facial/Treatment


Back Facial/Treatment  - deep steaming opens up the pores followed by cleansing, exfoliating scrub. Application of moisturizing mask, and removal. Moisturizing body butter is applied to seal the moister     





Details about Microdermabrasion


Microdermabrasion - is a noninvasive, yet powerful exfoliating treatment that smooths the texture of the skin. 

A diamond tipped wand is used to gently buff away dead skin cells, while the attached vacuum aids in the removal of dirt and debris from clogged pores. This process reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, decreases visibility of dark spots (hyperpigmentation) caused by the sun, stimulates the production of collagen, and allows for deeper penetration of any products applied post treatment. Resulting in a more even skin tone and brighter complexion.  

One or Series of Sessions

Best results are achieved after a series of sessions. However, just one treatment can greatly reduce the amount of dead cells on the skin's surface, promoting cell renewal and leaving the face feeling soft and rejuvenated.      

Pamper yourself or that someone special ...

Before & After Wedding


Whether you need to detox, de-stress or simply kick back before or after the big day, a pampering spa holiday is something every bride/groom deserves. 



Your honeymoon should be a time when you can focus completely on yourselves and one another.  Any Spa packages or couple’s massage will allow you to relax side by side to each other. An experience perfect for those celebrating a new beginning.  



It’s time to enjoy your massage or Spa Treatment together. Peaceful music will be playing in the background, and you will both be encouraged by your surroundings to relax and enjoy your time together.  

Birthdays & Other Occasions


Paradise Massages offers spa gift cards which can be used toward couples spa treatments, massage for birthdays, anniversaries or any special occasions. 

Couples Massages or Couples Treatments


Couples massage or any spa treatment is a special, shared experience that encourages two people to bond closer together. Clients may use the session to catch up, communicate and chat, or they may simply relax and enjoy their shared experience in comfortable silence. Even when words are not spoken, the experience brings people closer together. 

Prenatal Massage


Is therapeutic bodywork that focuses on the special  needs of the mother-to-be as her body goes through the dramatic changes of pregnancy. The gentle, noninvasive approach of can ease discomfort associated with pregnancy, help the mother-to-be  prepare for labor and give her nurturing emotional support.