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"Great massage, so relaxing!"
2 days agoReviewed by Brenda B
Highly  recommend this professional massage & wrap. Staff was  excellent!!!!! I was here in Waikiki visiting my daughter & decided  to get a massage. So glad we did! When I return this is the #1 place  I'll return to!!!

"Pure Heaven"
2 weeks agoReviewed by Casbachicks
We  recently visited Paradise Massage on our 30th Anniversary for a couples  massage.  After a shaky start to trying to find them, it was well worth  the perseverance.  We both walked away floating.  Thank you - we have recommended friends who are coming to Hawaii next  month to definitely visit!!!!


"A hidden gem"

2 weeks agoReviewed by tiaram3

This  place looks a little  dodgy from the street but as soon as you enter  through the door it is just a heavenly experience, I got a 1 hr message  & 1hr facial & it was the best relaxing 2 hrs ever in my life, I  didn’t want it to end, I would highly recommend, the guys were just  beautiful gentle souls. 


4 weeks ago Reviewed by mini_me_91803
The  best massage ever! Jaime was very knowledgeable and kind. He checked on  me through out the massage to make sure the pressure was right. I will  definitely be back next time I’m in town.


"Great Massage"

Oct 1, 2017

We  stopped in for a massage before our flight to relieve the tension in my  hips. We were not disappointed! Earlier in the week we had a couples  massage at a high end resort. The massage we had at Paradise Massage was  just as good as what we had at the expensive resort! We left Waikiki  relaxed and ready for a long day of travel. We will definitely be back  the next time we are in Oahu! 


"Great massage and facial!!"
Sep 26, 2017Reviewed by Lauratravels4fun
I  had an amazing massage by Jeffery and a beautiful lovely facial and  foot and hand scrub by Amy. Top-notch professional service. Thank you  Jeffery and Amy Amy!


"Excellent experience"
Sep 21, 2017Reviewed by lrprpofitt2000
I  also had Leo for my excellent massage some great conversation as well  this experience was a highlight of my trip here very professional yet  friendly many thanks all,


"Full Body Massage"
Sep 8, 2017Reviewed by Rdensmore
Leo  did an excellent job working out the kinks in my body. I would  recommand the Leo To getting one looking to get a great massage.


"Very Thorough!"
Sep 8, 2017Reviewed by nealmig
This  was one of the highlights of my trip! The team worked very well with  each other and totally out me at ease.  The masseuse relieved all my  tension and the facial was so soothing.  My facial left my skin feeling  very soft and hydrated.  I enjoyed it all; from beginning to end!


"Reasonably Priced Massage"

Aug 14, 2017Reviewed by Carmen P

I  used a yelp deal to get a full body and foot massage. It was extremely  relaxing and worth the money. The only down side is the set up of the  massage parlor. Due to it's location there was a lot of road noise  outside the window which didn't bother me much but you don't get the  typical tranquil experience as you would at a resort or massage envy. 


"Amazing customer service with a relaxing massage"

Aug 14, 2017Reviewed by fernandes_alden

We'd  decided to get an impromptu massage during our vacation here. Since we  had just come out of the water from the beach, what the staff did to  accommodate us was amazing. With such short notice, they offered us a  bathroom to clean off the salt from the beach (my girlfriend took about a  20 min shower, just so you understand how accommodating they were :) ).  After this, they went on to the actual massage. I was having a little  bit of a back ache issue during the trip, which was ironed out by the  end of this massage. The staff was very professional and nice. I would  definitely recommend this place to people who like a personal touch to  the service they receive.


"Small, but excellent"
Aug 14, 2017Reviewed by rosalynm270
Their  location is on a corner of a busy street, upstairs over a store. Once  you get inside it's quiet, and intimate. This was one of the very best  massages I have ever had! Price was good, and I felt like a new woman!


Aug 7, 2017Reviewed by 100donnao
Excellent service!!!!  Relaxing atmosphere!!!  Facial massage and body massage was just what I needed.


"Body massage and facial"
Aug 7, 2017Reviewed by Debbie B
Very  relaxing massage.the young lady and young man did an awesome job with  my body massage and facial.I would visit again .the room was very  clean,the music relaxing